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Previous studies have confirmed that posterior short-segment pedicle screw system for the treatment of thoracolumbar burst fractures with none-neurological symptoms can provide enough stability and restore vertebral body height, physiological curvature, spinal curvature and spinal canal volume efficiently.


To evaluate the clinical curative of AF pedicle screw internal fixation system for thoracolumbar fractures.


Fifty-one cases of thoracolumbar burst fractures treated with AF pedicle screw internal fixation system were included. The height of anterior and posterior vertebral border was measured by X-ray before and after operation, before and after the removal of internal fixation, respectively, and all corresponding Cobb angles were calculated. The extent of vertebral protrusion was examined by CT scan, neural function were measured by Frankel scoring. Christian grade and Denis pain grade were obtained respectively.


All the patients were all followed-up for over 30 months. Compared with before internal fixation, the height of anterior and posterior vertebral border and Cobb angle were significantly increased and CT scan detected vertebral protrusion was obviously restored after internal fixation, before removal of internal fixation and follow-up after removal of internal fixation (P < 0.01). A total of 24 cases had spinal cord dysfunction preoperatively, and 22 patients obtained complete recovery after the surgery. With respect to Christian grades: 3 points in 1 case, 4 points in 3 cases, 5 points in 15 patients, 6 points in 20 cases, 7 points in 12 cases. After the operation, Denis score system detected P1 (without pain) in 42 cases, P2 (between whiles minute pain, need not treatment) in 9 cases. Self-evaluation satisfaction, 35 patients were very satisfied and 16 cases were satisfied with this treatment. A pedicle screw was broken in one case. It is indicated that AF pedicle screw internal fixation system can treat thoracolumbar fractures effectively and achieve satisfactory reduction, reliable fixation and decompress spinal canal effectively.

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