SymbolCT three-dimensional reconstruction and cervical pedicle measurement

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BACKGROUND:Three-dimensional reconstruction technique can provide digital three-dimensional model of human internal structure. Surgery design and biomechanical analysis were conducted on the model using relevant software, which can provide reliable data for safe effective implantation of pedicle screw.OBJECTIVE:To review the application of CT three-dimensional reconstruction in cervical pedicle measurement.METHODS:We retrieved PubMed Database, Vip Database and Wanfang Database for literature regarding the application of CT three-dimensional reconstruction in cervical pedicle measurement published from 1990 to 2011. The English key words were “three dimensional reformations of multi-slice spiral CT, cervical pedicle”. The Chinese key words were “cervical pedicle, three-dimensional CT, computer-aided design, spinal surgery, digital orthopedics, medical image”.RESULTS AND CONCLUSION:Using CT three-dimensional reconstruction technique could obtain clear three-dimensional image of cervical vertebra. Due to the great variation of cervical pedicle and complicated anatomic structure, cervical pedicle screw implantation has been used in a few hospitals in China. However, three-dimensional CT reconstruction for measuring cervical pedicle simulated pedicle screw implantation, exactly observed and measured pedicle screw conditions in vivo, and obtained individual anatomic data, which provided guidance for clinical application of pedicle screw implantation.

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