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The rehabilitation training plays an important role in the physical rehabilitation of patients after total hip arthroplasty.


To take retrospective analysis of the articles about the composition, methods, outcome evaluation, development and problems of total hip arthroplasty rehabilitation procedure.


A computer-based online search of PubMed database and CNKI database was performed for articles regarding the rehabilitation training following total hip anthroplasty, with the key words of “total hip arthroplasty; total hip replacement; physical rehabilitation; rehabilitation trainning” in English and Chinese.


The rehabilitation training after total hip arthroplasty is mainly depend on posture nursing and physical therapy, combined with manual massage and magnetic therapy, electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy, etc. When using the exercise therapy, we should pay more attention to the proper sequence principle; the active exercise should be gradually transited from the initial passive exercise. The appropriate rehabilitation training program, which is selected according to the type of surgery, prosthesis and patients, can significantly improve the functional recovery of patients after total hip arthroplasty.

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