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Laminectomy can damage the spinal column structure, large scar tissue formation can be seen in some patients which adhere with the dura mater and nerve root that lead to the involve and compression of nerves, and finally, it can seriously affect the long-term effects of spinal surgery.


To comprehensive analysis the research progress and state of artificial lamina in the repair of lamina defect and the prevention of the occurrence of postoperative complications.


A computer-based online search of Chongqing Weipu database (1996-01/2009-01), Tsinghua Tong Fang database (2000-01/2009-01) and PubMed database (1996-01/2009-01) was preformed for the articles about the restenosis after laminectomy, postoperative adhesions, artificial lamina research and experiment with the key words of “artificial lamina, laminectomy, postoperative adhesions” in Chinese and “artificial vertebral lamina, laminectomy” in English. The repetitive researches were excluded and a total of 22 articles were included to review.


Artificial lamina has the preventive effect on the secondary scar adhesion after laminectomy, dural sac and nerve root, restenosis after laminectomy and spinal instability. But the artificial lamina needs further improvement in materials and design, as the ideal material can play the barriers and protective effect well with no adverse effect, and with the time prolonged, the ideal material can induce the bone regeneration in order to achieve bone fusion. The current technology and methods can not reach the effect above.

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