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Stress relaxation is an important the viscoelastic indicator of the inferior vena cava, and relevant studies have not been reported yet.


To compare the stress relaxation properties of the inferior vena cava between the normal animals and the aged models of deep vein thrombosis.


A total of 20 samples of the two groups underwent stress relaxation test on the AG-10TA universal material testing machine. Strain acceleration was 1%/s. The duration of the test was 7 200 seconds. Total 100 data were collected and analyzed. Regression analysis was applied to process data.


The stress relaxation at 7 200 seconds was 0.026 8 MPa and 0.023 MPa, respectively, in the normal control group and model group. There was a significant difference between the two groups (P < 0.05). The stress relaxation curve followed the logarithmic relationship. The stress relaxation changed best within the first 600 seconds, then decreased gradually and reached the basic level at 7 200 seconds. The stress relaxation properties were affected in the aged animals of inferior vena cava thrombosis, and deep vein thrombosis had a certain effect on the stress relaxation properties of the inferior vena cava.

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