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There are many studies on the stress relaxation properties of normal human corpses and animal arteries, but the research about the stress relaxation of the left coronary artery of aging spontaneously hypertensive rats and Sprague Dawley rats is rarely reported.


To comparatively analyze the left coronary artery stress relaxation properties of aging spontaneously hypertensive rats and Sprague Dawley rats in order to provide the stress relaxation index for repairing the vascular injury induced by hypertension.


Ten left coronary artery samples of 4-5 months old normal Sprague Dawley male rats and the aging spontaneously hypertensive model rats were selected, and then put them in the Shimadzu electronic universal testing machine to do the stress relaxation test, simulated the human body temperature at (36.5±0.1) °C, and then imposed the strain in 0.05%/s strain increases speed, the time was set as 7 200 seconds, 100 data were collected. The samples normalized creep equation of the two groups was calculated with the normalized analysis method.


The samples creep curve of the two groups was changed in exponential relationship. The 7 200 seconds strain rising volume of the samples in the Sprague Dawley rats group was significantly greater than that in the spontaneously hypertensive group (P < 0.05). And there were different stress relaxation properties of the left coronary artery between normal Sprague Dawley rats and aging spontaneously hypertensive rats.

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