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At present, the mature three-dimensional finite element analysis at home and abroad is more concentrated in the spine and hip biomechanics researches, and the finite element analysis on the wrist is rare.


To investigate the construction and application of wrist finite element model.


The Wanfang database and PubMed database were searched for the articles published from January 1970 to December 2010 by the first author. The key words were “mechanical analysis, finite element, wrist joint” in Chinese and English. The articles on the finite model establishing method, the reliability and influencing factors were selected. Finally, 21 articles were included for the analysis.


Hand portion is a composite mechanical structure, so during the biomechanical analysis using the finite element method, consider the effect of bone, articular surface, ligaments and tendons should be considered. The current studies are focus on performing the mechanical loading on the wrist finite element model in the static state, it is still difficult to achieve the dynamic simulation, analysis, and give the wrist completely and true physiological loading conditions. But with the continuous development of computer technology and finite element theory, people can simulate a variety of realistic clinical situations and establish the specific finite element models which can provide more effective help for the study of complex hand function, disease, treatment, and daily life.

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