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The reports on the advanced liver disease and liver transplantation hematopoietic system which affected are rare.


To study the characteristics of hematopoiesis function before orthotopic liver transplantation and the effects of a series of post-operation complications on hematopoiesis function of the bone marrow after orthotopic liver transplantation by observing bone marrow cytology.


Bone marrow cytology was analyzed in 20 cases of orthotopic liver transplantation. Due to the relationship with hematological diseases, bone marrow cytology examination was needed to be performed to diagnosis and differential diagnosis. Two cases received the examination before transplantation and 18 cases received the examination after transplantation.


Hypersplenism and macrocytic anemia could be seen in the patients with orthotopic liver transplantation before transplantation. Graft versus host disease, plasma cell leukemia, leukemoid reaction, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, hemophagocytic syndrome, metastatic hepatic carcinoma, agranulocytosis, acute hematopoietic cells stagnation and reactive thrombocytosis were shown after transplantation. Monitoring the effect of various complications in the perioperative period of liver transplantation on bone marrow hematopoietic function through bone marrow cytology examination has important significance for the treatment of patients with graft versus host disease.

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