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Medical students' cognition and attitude on the organ transplantation can affect the awareness of the whole society about organ transplantation and donation, thereby affecting the process of organ donation and transplantation.


To survey the attitudes and cognitions of the school medical students about human body organ transplantation and donation.


400 students from Jining Medical School were selected for the questionnaire survey. Main content includes: (1)The master of organ transplantation and organ (body) donation knowledge. (2)The source of organ transplantation and organ donation (body) knowledge. (3)The attitude of organ (body) donation.


About 69.8% of school medical students know the concept of organ transplantation and donation, 44.6% agree for donating their organs after death. It proves that the school medical students approve that organ transplantation is an effective means to treat the end-stage organ function failure, but they are not optimistic about organ donation. The main factors of affecting the attitude of donation are family emotion, donation program and traditional ideas. Grade 1 has the lowest approving rate of 26.6%, and Grade 5 has the highest of 61.4%, higher grade has higher approving rate. About 55.6% of medical students hold that organ donors should be given a certain amount of reward or compensation.

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