SymbolPubic symphysis: A donor area of tissue engineering seed cells?

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BACKGROUND:Pubic symphysis is the same kind of tissue as the temporomandibular joint disc, meniscus or intervertebral disc, but it is rarely reported that pubic symphysis can be used as a donor area of tissue engineering seed cells.OBJECTIVE:To explore the feasibility of the pubic symphysis as the donor area of tissue engineering seed cells.METHODS:Hematoxylin-eosin stain, alcian blue stain and type II collagen immunohistochemical study were used to detect the histological features of the extracellular matrix of rat pubic symphysis tissue. Cells derived from rat pubic symphysis were cultured in three-dimensional alginate scaffold in vitro. Cell viability in scaffold was detected by living cells fluorescence staining. Cells proliferation in the alginate scaffold cultured in vitro for 21 days was observed. Eight pelvis specimens of adult men were used to measure the cartilage volume of the pubic symphysis.RESULTS AND CONCLUSION:Parallel and crossing fibrous bands were spread in the rat pubic symphysis tissue, and between them there were small round or short-fusiform cells in the lacunae, with basophilic cytoplasm. Cells were in pairs or lined up. Sections stained with alcian blue and type II collagen antibody showed positive in the cytoplasm and extracellular matrix surrounding the round lacunae, whereas the matrix farther from cells stained lightly. Alginate gel scaffold displayed a porous structure with (27.0±16.7) μm pore diameter. Cell viability in the scaffold was (72.4±4.5)%. The spheroidal cells in the alginate gel grew into isogenous group after long-term three-dimensional culture in vitro. Cell clusters were observed after cultured for 13 days, and became larger with more cells after 21 days culture. Pubic symphysis cartilage region of adult man was wedge shaped with thick front part and its volume was (1.13±0.21) cm2. It turns out that cells of the rat pubic symphysis have the chondrocyte features as alignment and specific histological stain of cartilage tissue. Cells derived from the pubic symphysis proliferate well in three-dimensional culture in vitro. Volume of adult man pubic symphysis cartilage is large enough as a donor site to supply cartilage mass for cells isolation.Ge C, Zang XX, Zou JC, Yu KT, Sun HY, Zhang ZG. Pubic symphysis: A donor area of tissue engineering seed cells? Zhongguo Zuzhi Gongcheng Yanjiu. 2013;17(11): 1972-1980.

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