SymbolOsteocytes and bone remodeling

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BACKGROUND:Osteocytes that form a three-dimensional cellular network inside the mineralized bone matrix are a critical regulator of bone metabolism.OBJECTIVE:To explore the progress in studies of osteocytes effect on bong remodeling.METHODS:The articles on the role of osteocytes and bone remodeling were searched by computer in the PubMed and ELSEVIER databases from January 1990 to April 2012 using the key words of “osteocytes, remodeling”. Meanwhile, Wanfang database was retrieved to identify the related articles published between January 1990 and April 2012 with the keywords of “osteocytes, remodeling” in Chinese. After the full texts on the subject were founded, 41 articles were chosen and summarized. Repetition and analogous researches were excluded.RESULTS AND CONCLUSION:Osteocytes that sense and response to mechanical stress play a critical role in bone remodeling, including initiating bone remodeling, inhibiting bone resorption and controlling bone formation. Studies have demonstrated that osteocyte synapses can serve as the direct receptor for stress-induced cell deformation. After stress stimulation, osteocytes can activate the Wnt/Lrp pathway serving as a negative regulator of hardened protein that is a negative regulator of bone formation, and osteocytes also play a role in the control of bone matrix filling during bone remodeling.

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