Symbol: Accuracy of pedicle screw placement based on three-dimensional lumbar reconstruction

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The three-dimensional reconstruction techniques have been widely used in preoperative planning of pedicle screw placement, but the direct accuracy analysis of the forecast parameters has not yet been reported.


To analyze the accuracy of three-dimensional reconstruction based on computerized tomography in the application of lumbar pedicle screw placement.


By the using of the Mimics software, we selected 136 lumbar pedicles to perform the preoperative three-dimensional reconstruction, which were randomly selected from 30 patients treated with pedicle screw fixation. By the simulation modules of Mimics, the length, diameter, transverse section angle and sagital section angle were preoperatively predicted. Then, the data were statistically compared with the actual data of the patients postoperatively.


Through the three-dimensional lumbar reconstruction preoperatively by Mimics software, the best channel of pedicle screw placement was designed and the placement of the screw was simulated. The length, diameter, transverse section angle and sagital section angle of preoperative predicted pedicle screw were pre-measured. There was no significant difference of the data when compared with the actual data obtained from the C-arm and intra-fixation navigation system after placement (P > 0.05). The postoperative actual location and length of pedicle screws were excellent from CT scans. Through the preoperative three-dimensional lumbar reconstruction by Mimics software, the parameters of simulating pedicle screw placement can precisely guide and improve the safety of pedicle screws placement.

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