Symbol: Which factors will affect the medium-term results of total hip arthroplasty?

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Life quality of patients after total hip arthroplasty will affected by various factors, and the factors that can affect the treatment effect after replacement should be analyzed in order to take the specific measures to intervene.


To investigate the relative factors that affect the treatment effect of initial total hip arthroplasty.


The clinical data of 352 patients treated with initial total hip arthroplasty were retrospectively analyzed, and the factors that affect the scoring were determined according to the Harris score. The relationship between various factors and the treatment of total hip arthroplasty was evaluated and analyzed through chi-square test and Spearman classification. Comparative analysis was performed to compare the results of relative articles and researches.


Age, body mass index, hip rotation center, femoral eccentricity and post-operative rehabilitation training of the patients with initial total hip arthroplasty could affect the medium-term results after total hip arthroplasty. While the influence of preoperative diagnosis, surgical approach, patient gender and type of prosthesis on the treatment effect of total hip arthroplasty was not obvious. Adequate attention to these factors, correct prevention and scientific treatment of a variety of factors that may affect the recovery of joint function, all these effort are the prerequisites for the surgeons to improve satisfaction of the patients.

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