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Therapeutic methods for of peripheral facial nerve injury include surgery, physical therapy and drug treatment, but the treatment effect is not ideal in some certain cases.


To study the effect of autologous platelet rich plasma on repair of facial nerve injury.


The bilateral destroyed buccal nerve branches of the 10 white rabbits were put in silica gel nerve regeneration chamber, one side injected with platelet rich plasma as experimental group, the other side injected with normal saline as control group. The general observation, neuroelectrophysiology detection, histological observation, image analysis and evaluation of facial nerve regeneration recovery were performed at 8 weeks after surgery.


The action potential latency of the orbicularis oris at the experimental side was significantly lower than that at the control side, and the action potential amplitude (M wave) of compound nerve muscle of the experimental side was significantly higher than that of the control side (P < 0.01). Compared with the control side, the regenerative nerves of the experimental side were more mature with more regenerative axons, and the differentiation of myelin sheath was more mature and the thickness of myelin sheath was well-distributed. Meanwhile, the diameters of axons were closed to the normal diameter, and the nerve axons were more intensive and arranged more regularly, the outer membrane of nerve fiber was thicker and the collagen fiber and elastic fiber layer were increased when compared with the control group. The number of regenerative axons of the control side was less, and the axons were distributed irregularly and poorly developed, and a large number of fibrous connective tissues were observed. The vacuolar degeneration at the control side was more than the experimental side. The regenerated nerve in the experimental side was better than the control side in the diameter of myelinated axon, area, myelin sheath thickness and axon count, and there were significant differences between two groups (P < 0.01). It indicates that platelet rich plasma has a promoting effect in the repair and regeneration of facial nerve.

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