Characteristics of erythrocytes washing with the autologous transfusion system

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Autologous shed blood washing with the autologous transfusion system involving recovery, anticoagulation, centrifugation, concentrating and washing has been widely used in clinical practice.


To clarify the characteristics of erythrocytes washing with autologous transfusion system, including recovery rate and hematocrit, the changes of shape, deformability, flow properties and in vivo half-life, oxygen carrying and delivering capacity and erythrocyte immunity and immunereceptor expression.


The literatures published from January 1987 to January 2013 were retrieved by the first author in Wanfang and PubMed databases. Key words were “blood transfusion, autologus, blood preservation, erythrocytes” in English and Chinese. A total of 200 literatures relating to the erythrocyte characteristics in autologous blood transfusion were found by the computer, 60 of which were retained for further analysis after eliminating repetitive researches.


Because of the mechanical force, such as negative pressure suction, centrifugal separation, and inflammatory mediators, enzymes, activated complements released by various damaged tissues and cells, the collected erythrocytes were damaged to some extent. As a result, the total recovery rate of erythrocytes depended on the recovery rate, storage breakage rate and cleaning loss rate. The oxygen carrying capacity of erythrocytes was not influenced significantly by this procedure, so the recycled erythrocytes had the same oxygen carrying capacity with normal erythrocytes. To some extent, the number of surface receptors and immune function of recycled erythrocytes descended, but they were better than the erythrocytes preserved for 2 weeks. Studies suggested that blood recovery technology should be improved to reduce the functional decline in immune adherence of the recycled erythrocytes.

Subject headings:

blood transfusion, autologous; blood preservation; erythrocytes; immunocompetence

Subject headings:

Song ZY, Yuan L, Wang SD. Characteristics of erythrocytes washing with the autologous transfusion system.

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