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How to construct tissue-engineered periodontal tissue through efficient combination of scaffold materials and seed cells in vitro is an important direction of current research.


To compare the cell seeding efficiency of traditional static seeding method and collagen enclose seeding method to select a more appropriate seeding method for cell attach.


Gingival fibroblasts from dogs at certain concentrations were seeded onto polylactic acid-chitosan- gelatin scaffolds with gradient and uniform pore sizes using the traditional static seeding method and collagen enclose seeding method, respectively. The number of adherent cells was counted to calculate the seeding efficiency for data comparison.


The cell seeding efficiency of the collagen enclose seeding method was higher than that of the traditional static seeding method (P < 0.01). The collagen enclose seeding method can significantly improve the seeding efficiency and increase cell initial concentration on the scaffold, and this method can be used for gingival tissue engineering.

Subject headings:

vaccination; gingival; cells; cell adhesion; stents; fibroblasts

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