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Women with Poland syndrome are often accompanied by breast dysplasia and even agenesis, absence of breast and breast deformity. For such patients, we can implement different operations according to the degree of deformity, for remodeling the breast and improving chest shape.


To explore the clinical effects of breast reconstruction with silicone implants and acellular dermal matrix in Poland patients with breast deformity.


A retrospective analysis of six female cases of Poland syndrome was conducted, including four patients with unilateral (bilateral) breast agenesis, hypoplasia of the ipsilateral (bilateral) pectoralis major muscle, less tissue volume than the healthy side who were subjected to implantation of silicone breast prostheses, and two patients with unilateral breast agenesis, agenesis of the pectoralis major muscle and ribs, poor and adhered chest wall soft tissue who were subjected to implantation of silicone breast prosthesis and acellular dermal matrix combined with latissimus dorsi myocutaneous flap.


Six patients at day 4 after operation presented with edema, among whom, one appeared to have wound exudate. But all the six patients were healed. Then, the patients were followed up for 1-12 months. Outline of breast prosthesis could be touched in three cases, and one case presented with moderate hardness of the breast. However, there were no breast nodules and pain, no scar hyperplasia of the breast. Breast was uniform in appearance, with no wrinkle. These findings confirm that the silicone breast prosthesis with acellular dermal matrix is easy to operate, can reduce intraoperative injury, decrease the difficulty of the operation and alleviate the suffering of patients, which can obtain better clinical effects in the strict grasp of indications.

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