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During open reduction and plate fixation for acetabular anterior column fracture, screw penetrating the articular surface often occurred. To prevent this complication, quantitative anatomical measurement is very important for safe pedicle screw in acetabular area using anterior column plate technology.


To provide anatomical basis for screwing placement safely in acetabular anterior column plate.


Mimics Software was used to perform three-dimensional reconstruction of the 40 cases of male pelvic and 40 cases of female pelvic CT scan data. The cutting tool was used to make serial cross-sections of the acetabular anterior column and the measuring tool was used to determine the safe length and direction of screw entry on all entry points of each cross-section. All data were uploaded into SPSS 13.0 software for statistics process.


The distance from anterior acetabular margin to posterior acetabular margin and iliopubic eminence was as follows: in males: (56.63±2.05) mm, (12.30±1.51) mm, and in females: (49.07±5.07) mm, (16.93±1.74) mm, respectively. The distance from posterior acetabular margin to iliopubic eminence was as follows: in males: (45.46 ±3.44) mm, and in females: (33.72 ±6.85) mm. The safe entry angle of screws to iliac plate in the sagittal plane was (72.17 ±0.93)° in males, and (81.05 ±0.92)° in females. On each section of B, C and D, the maximum of the safe entry angle of screws to iliac plate in the oblique coronal plane was (53.88±3.01)°, (43.22±1.86)°, (54.60±2.97)° in males; and (49.54 ±1.81)°, (39.10±1.22)°, (47.91±2.23)° in females, respectively. Results indicated that three-dimensional model can be used to measure anatomic characteristics of acetabular anterior column plate and has important instruction significance for avoiding screwing into joint in acetabular anterior column plate technique.


Song YC, Wang G, Lu C, Gao BH. Construction of three-dimensional model of safe screwing in acetabular area of anterior column plate. Zhongguo Zuzhi Gongcheng Yanjiu. 2014;18(22):3481-3486.

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