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Telemedicine technology has been widely used in many fields including plastic surgery, burns and dermatology. However, there are few reports on telemedicine in orthopedics.


Based on Web of Science literature, telemedicine in orthopedics was analyzed from multiple perspectives.


An online retrieval of Web of Science was performed by the first author using key words “tele*medicine” “orthopaedic”. The retrieved data were statistically and quantitatively analyzed and the publication distribution information was demonstrated in words and graphs. The peer-reviewed published original articles regarding telemedicine in orthopedics were included. Articles excluded are those meeting one access; (3) documents that were not published in the public domain; (4) reviews, commentaries and corrected papers from the total number of articles.


165 papers regarding telemedicine in orthopedics were retrieved from Web of Science. Among these papers, 126 were original articles and rank first in number, with 6 papers highly cited (total citations > 50). The number of included papers gradually increased over the study period. Among the included journals, Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare published a great number of papers (n=36, 30.95%), followed by Telemedicine and E Health (n=8). Telemedicine in orthopedics has become one of the latest areas of interest since 2000. A SCI database-based literature analysis on telemedicine in orthopedics can help understand the current status and progress within this research field and provide valuable information for future studies.


Funding: the “Huimin Project” Special Funds from Ministry of Science and Technology of China, No. 2013GS410101; the Science and Technology Major Projects of Henan Province, No.121100111100

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