Screening main genes during mesenchymal stem cell transplantation in repair of inflammatory bowel tissue

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Previous studies have verified that mesenchymal stem cells could be transplanted into inflammatory bowel mucosa to repair inflammatory bowel tissue.


To observe the differential gene expression in large intestine before and after mesenchymal stem cell transplantation in repair of inflammatory bowel tissue of rats using microarray technology, and to primarily discover the main genes during mesenchymal stem cell transplantation, differentiation, and reparation in inflammatory colorectal tissue region.


Healthy Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly divided into two groups. Experimental rat models of inflammatory bowel disease were established using trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid via enema. At 24 hours after model establishment, green fluorescent protein-labeled mesenchymal stem cells were infused via the caudal vein. The control group was treated with physiological saline by enema, instead of trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid. At 28 days, large intestine was obtained from the experimental group and control group. Differentially expressed genes were screened in the experimental and control groups using microarray technique.


The microarray analysis results showed that there were 388 differential genes in the control and experimental groups (P < 0.05, FC > 2), in which 191 were up-expressed, and 197 were down-expressed. All of these genes were mainly involved in inflammatory reaction, immune reaction and cell differentiation. In the top 10 up-regulation and down-regulation differential genes (totally 20 genes), 3 genes were involved in inflammation, 3 genes were involved in immune reaction, and 2 genes were related to stem cell differentiation. In the 388 genes, 33 were related to signaling pathways (P < 0.05), 6 related to inflammation, 8 related to immunity, and 5 related to stem cell differentiation. Results suggested that the main genes involved in mesenchymal stem cells in repair of inflammatory bowel tissue were primarily screened using gene expression microarray technique.

Subject headings:

mesenchymal stem cell transplantation; Crohn disease; intestine, large; gene expression profiling; microchip analytical procedures


the National Natural Science Foundation of China, No. 81070385; the Scientific Research Project of Returned Overseas Students (Jiaowaisiliu 2012), No. 940; the Major People’s Livelihood Project of Guangzhou City, No. 201300000100

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