Distribution of joint isokinetic muscle strength in shot putters

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At present, the detections of muscular strength of the main joints in shot putters by using isokinetic system are rarely reported.


To find out the characteristics of muscular strength of the main joints in shot putters under different speed, and explore the existing shortcomings.


Using German ISOMED2000 isokinetic test system, we detected the isokinetic muscular strength of knee joint, hip joint, waist-back segment, and shoulder joint of the men's shot put champion in the 11th National Games, at slow 60°/s and fast 180°/s.


(1) H/Q ratios of the left and right side of knee joint were 25.6%, 39.4% in slow speed, while 28.5%, 29.8% in high speed. In addition, flexor muscle group had small muscular strength. (2) The muscular strength of the right extensor group of hip joint was as much 2.11 and 1.87 times respectively as left side in high and slow speed. Meanwhile, flexor muscle group was 1.25 and 1.64 times and significance of right hip was greater than the left. (3) H/Q ratios of the waist and back joints were 93.3% and 84.3% respectively in high and low speed. (4) Under natural flexion of shoulder joint, myodynamia flexion in slow speed was as much 1.27 and 1.34 times respectively as the left, while 1.40 and 1.92 times respectively as the left in fast speed. (5) According to relative weight of the human body model, when each segment was compared to knee as a benchmark, the knees, hips, body and shoulder joints were 1:2.38:3.30:0.70. The findings indicate that, (1) in the knees joint, not only absolute myodynamia of flexor and extensor groups, but also myodynamia of fast flexor groups are weak, the equipment of myodynamia group is not reasonable as well. (2) The body myodynamia reaches the peak in the right side of extensor group, while rapid extensor myodynamia at the left and right side is very weak, therefore, we should increase the training of waist and back extensor, especially muscle strength training and extension training at the slow and high speed. (3) As extensor group on the right side is weak, we should strengthen the absolute extensor group muscle power of right shoulder and absolute muscle strength of flexion muscle group.

Subject headings:

sports; athletes; muscle strength


Innovation Project of Shanghai University of Sport, No. YJSCX2014009; General Research Program of Liaoning Provincial Education Ministry, No. L2013442


Lou YT. Distribution of joint isokinetic muscle strength in shot putters. Zhongguo Zuzhi Gongcheng Yanjiu. 2014; 18(29):4647-4652.

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