Erosion prevention and remineralization of human teeth

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With the consumption of acidic beverages, dental erosion becomes more serious. Erosion is related to direct loss of dental hard tissue, and causes dental over-abrasion, thus great threatening the dental health.


To review the research work on the erosion of human teeth, erosion prevention, and teeth remineralization.


A computer-based online retrieval of CNKI, Elsevier and Wiley databases between 1990 and 2013 was performed for articles abut human teeth erosion, erosion prevention and teeth remineralization. After repeated or old literatures were excluded, 58 literatures were included in the analysis.


Current studies on dental erosion included three aspects, firstly, clinical observation of the symptoms and cause of dental erosion; secondly, the erosiveness of common acidic agents; and thirdly, the prevention of dental erosion. Many researchers focused on the prevention of dental erosion. It was suggested that dental erosion could be prevented through adjusting and controlling oral environment, enhancing the erosiveness of acidic beverages, and increasing the anti-erosion capacity of teeth. It should be noted that tooth erosion and friction/wear often occur simultaneously in the mouth. Therefore, future research should pay attention to the interaction mechanism of erosion, friction and wear of human teeth.

Subject headings:

teeth; erosion, teeth; friction; beverages


the National Natural Science Foundation of China, No. 51222511, 51305366; Excellent Youth Scientific Fund of Sichuan Province, No. 2012JQ0016


Wu R, Shi MY, Zheng J. Erosion and remineralization of human teeth. Zhongguo Zuzhi Gongcheng Yanjiu. 2014;18(29):4736-4741.

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