Development of bone tissue engineering scaffold materials

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Bone tissue engineering is the most promising way to treat bone defects at present. The key problem is to construct vascular networks which can provide oxygen and nutrients for new bone, and thereby provide a way for the body metabolism.


To review the characteristics of bone tissue engineering scaffold materials and to introduce the development of composite scaffold materials.


With the key words of “bone tissue engineering, scaffold, vascularization, composite scaffold” in Chinese and in English, respectively, a computer-based search was performed for articles published in CNKI and PubMed databases from January 2001 to January 2014. After the initial screening, the reserved articles were further detailed, summarized and concluded.


According to the different sources, the bone tissue engineering scaffold materials can be divided into artificial materials, natural derivatives and composite scaffold materials. Single scaffold is difficult to be the most ideal material for repair of bone defects, while composite scaffold can make up for the defects of the single scaffold to different degrees. Therefore, in recent years, the bone tissue engineering scaffolds have developed from single to composite scaffolds and there is the trend of organic combination of artificial materials and natural derivatives. However, composite scaffolds have many problems to be solved in the clinical application. The main aspect is to control the proportion of the composite scaffold so that the degradation of materials can be matched with growth of tissues and cells. The other one is to keep the porous and high mechanical strength of the composite scaffold.

Subject headings:

tissue engineering; stents; review


the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, No. 2014M551097; the Fund of Liaoning Education Bureau, No. 2013481; the Doctoral Initial Fund of Liaoning Province, No. 20141198; the Science and Technology Plan of Dalian City, No. 2013E11SF057


Ma XF, Zhang JY. Development of bone tissue engineering scaffold materials. Zhongguo Zuzhi Gongcheng Yanjiu. 2014;18(30):4895-4899.

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