Advanced Concepts in Hip Morphology, Associated Pathologies, and Specific Rehabilitation for Athletic Hip Injuries

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Hip and groin injuries comprise up to 17% of athletic injuries and can pose rehabilitation challenges for many athletes. Injuries involving abnormal femoral acetabular morphology, reduced range of motion, and decreased lumbopelvic strength and endurance also may increase the risk of injury to lower extremities and delay return to play if proper rehabilitation does not take place. The rehabilitation of athletic hip injuries requires a multifaceted interdisciplinary approach that manages the interplay of multiple factors to restore preinjury function and facilitate return to play. Emphasis should be placed on activity modification, preservation of the arcs of range of motion, functional strengthening of the lumbopelvic core, and optimization of proprioceptive and neuromechanical strategies. Communication between providers and the injured athlete also is crucial to ensure that proper therapeutic approaches are being applied.

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