Premature cytokinesis in pollen mother cells of transgenic tobacco plants (Nicotiana tabacumL.)

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For the majority of dicotyledonous plants, cytokinesis in PMC is staged only once, i.e., after the completion of two cycles of caryokinesis. In the article, a cytological picture and the frequency characteristics of anomalies are shown, in which the cytokinesis in the PMCs of transgenic tobacco plants was already initiated after the first meiotic division. It is shown that, in such cells, the basic processes of cytoskeletal reorganization, which is typical for the simultaneous type of cytokinesis, remained unmodified. However, in most cases, premature division of cytoplasm took place with abnormalities, e.g., with the formation of a membranous “tunnel” or “gash.” It has been detected that the initialization of an additional round of cytokinesis is not an obstacle to the performance of the nuclear cycle or cytokinesis after the second meiotic division. Thus, in the presence of this anomaly, there is a change in the type of cytoplasm division, i.e., of simultaneous to successive.

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