Fires and pyrogenic successions in the forests of the south Baikal region

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The southern coast of Baikal is characterized by the most humid climate in the Baikal region. Precipitation falls mainly on summer, thus reducing the actual of fire occurrence in mountain forests of the region. However, since 1989 the fire occurrence has been increased and disastrous crown fires have become more frequent, especially in the west. It is shown that fire occurrence is a function of the number, duration of rainless periods and monthly sums of rain precipitation, which have large amplitude of changes from year to year. Progressive pyrogenic successions in dark coniferous forests take place mostly without usual replacement by small-leaved tree species at the expense of successful regeneration of Pinus sibirica (in the western Khamar-Daban mountains) and Abies sibirica (in the central part) on the burnt areas during 15-25 years.

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