Seasonal oxidoreductase activity in reclaimed peat soils in connection with hydrothermal conditions of environment

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Under the conditions of southern taiga in West Siberia, the seasonal activities of catalase and anaerobic dehydrogenase in the reclaimed forest peat soil are the highest within the moisture range 20-70% SW, with the optimal values recorded for 40-50 (60)% in the soil heated to >10-20 °C. At a temperature of 10-15 °C, which is prevailing during the warm season, a parabolic-type relationship between the enzymatic activity and moisture content (<10-100% SW) specifies a slow change in the oxidoreductase capacity of soil under these hydrothermal conditions. The seasonal catalase and anaerobic dehydrogenase activities of peat soil are linearly positively correlated with each other by 90-98%.

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