Complete Midline Cleft of Lower Lip, Mandible, Tongue, Floor of Mouth with Neck Contracture: A Case Report and Review of Literature

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Midline cleft of the lower lip and mandible is an extremely rare condition. Since 1819, when the first case was reported by Couronne, fewer than 80 cases have been described in the world literature so far. The cleft has also been described as facial cleft no. 30 by Paul Tessier. The condition varies in severity from a mild variety in which there is a submucous cleft and notching in the lower lip to a severe variety, involving the tongue, floor of the mouth, mandible, absent hyoid, atrophic neck muscles, and sternum. In this case report, a female child having complete midline cleft of the lower lip and mandible, with bifid tongue stuck to the floor of the mouth, absent hyoid bone and flexion contracture band extending from the confluence of the tip of the tongue, floor of the mouth, cleft mandible to the manubrium sterni is described, with special emphasis on surgical planning and management.

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