Preoperative Planning of Virtual Osteotomies Followed by Fabrication of Patient Specific Reconstruction Plate for Secondary Correction and Fixation of Displaced Bilateral Mandibular Body Fracture

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This paper describes the course of treatment of a severely diplaced bilateral mandibular body fracture, where the first osteosynthesis failed. The subject developed an open bite due to a posterior rotation of the distal part of the mandible and anterior rotation of the proximal parts of the mandible. This situation was evaluated with CBCT and the facial skeleton was segmented using computer software. Correct occlusion was virtually established by bilateral virtual osteotomies in the fracture areas of the mandible. After segmentation, the mandible was virtually rotated back into position and the open bite was closed. A patient specific mandibular reconstruction plate was outlined and fabricated from the new virtual situation and the plate was thereafter installed utilizing the preoperative plan. Osteotomy- and drill-guides was used and thus simplified the surgery resulting in uneventful healing. Virtual planning and patient specific implants and guides were valuable in this case of secondary reconstructive trauma surgery.

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