Superior Orbital Fissure Syndrome in Lateral Orbital Wall Fracture: Management and Classification Update

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The superior orbital fissure syndrome (SOFS) is an uncommon complication rarely occurring in association with craniofacial trauma. Work-up of a patient injured by a traumatic right orbitozygomatic complex fracture and SOFS is presented. Accurate computed tomography scan and three-dimensional reconstruction showed a medial displacement of the lateral orbital wall, compressing the right superior orbital fissure (SOF), without intraorbital bone fragment displacement or hemorrhage. Imaging also revealed a frontosphenotemporal fracture, according to Pellerin et al, that is, frequently associated with visual impairment. Our primary choice of therapy was a corticosteroid treatment in association with an early surgical approach. It consisted in en bloc reduction and osteosynthesis of the fracture through a bicoronal approach, recovering SOF size. A prompt and almost complete recovery of the abducens movement, without diplopia, was achieved in 1 week. The authors discuss indications and management of SOFS. The presence of fractures should urgently lead to surgery. We deny waiting for a medical treatment result, while preferring the prompt reduction of the fractures and extrication of the soft tissues. The main focus of this study is on patient's anatomical feature and fracture patterns.

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