Immediate Reconstruction of Large Full-Thickness Segmental Anterior Maxillary Defect with Bone Transport

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Maxillary segmental defects are a reconstructive challenge particularly when the anterior arch is involved. Missing bone, mucosa, and teeth should be replaced; fistulae closure should be guaranteed by bone and mucosa continuity; stable functional occlusion should be achieved; and facial aesthetics restored. These defects resulting from tumor excisions, if left untreated, will cause additional problems related to interposed scar and collapse of lip and nose. Immediate reconstruction should avoid these problems and should be considered when safe tumor-free margins are obtained. This study describes the treatment of such a defect resulting from a myxoma excision, with trifocal distraction requiring only one additional surgery. Internal distractors were fixed bilaterally for transport of two segmental discs created by inverted L osteotomies at the same surgical time of tumor excision. A second surgery was performed after central contact between transport discs was achieved, for device removal and creation of a dynamic system to regenerate molding and compression-focus development. This was accomplished by internal fixation of one side and central fixation of a full-open distractor to act as compression device when reversely activated. Central perfect adaptation between transported segments and good-quality attached mucosa lining the alveolar crest were determinant to obtain a stable functional and aesthetic result.

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