Eye Inside Out: Endonasal Endoscopic Reposition of Eye from Nose with Complete Vision Regainment

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Faciomaxillary and ocular trauma is a common entity in most emergency and trauma units. We came across a 68-year-old female patient with a history of bull horn injury over the right eye. Examination revealed an empty orbital socket with unreliable perception of light present. Imaging showed that the eye had displaced posteroinferomedially to be lying in the ethmoid air cells in the nasal cavity. Under nasal endoscopic guidance, the eye was reposited back into the orbital socket and conjunctival sutures were taken to stabilize the position. The patient had vision of counting fingers at 1.5 m on the first postoperative day which improved to 6/24 on last follow-up. Such is the rarity that never before has such a case been described in literature where traumatic displacement of eyeball into the nose has been successfully repositioned by an endonasal endoscope with appreciable regaining of vision. It also further promotes endonasal endoscopic approach in the management of orbital blow out injuries.

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