Concomitant “Ear Bleed and Styloid Fracture”: An Unusual Complication of Impacted Mandibular Third Molar Removal

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The removal of impacted mandibular third molar is associated with potential complications such as dry socket, paresthesia, uncontrolled socket bleeding, angle fracture, etc., which are commonly encountered in dental practice. This article presents a peculiar case of “ear bleed” concomitant with “isolated styloid” fracture following removal of impacted mandibular third molar, not reported in the literature till date. Ear bleed is a bothersome clinical sign that requires thorough investigation and prompt treatment because it is frequently related to fractures of the skull base. Isolated fracture of the styloid process is rare; its diagnosis, impact on adjacent vital structures, and treatment protocol are less discussed in maxillofacial literature. The case report elucidates the etiopathogenesis of ear bleed and styloid fracture which have great clinical implications. The clinical correlation between the two entities and dental extraction is discussed in this report to guide a dental practitioner in its management.

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