Physico-Chemical, Textural and Sensory Analysis ofAloe veraFortified Probiotic Yoghurt

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In the modern era, interest of consumers is being shifted towards the potential health benefits of food products. Aloe vera possesses medicinal properties which augur good health. It is one of the oldest known medicinal plant which is being used as health food and for cosmetic purposes throughout the world. Also, the health benefits of consuming fermented dairy products containing probiotic bacteria are numerous. Therefore, Aloe vera fortification was carried out for the production of probiotic yoghurt with nutritional and therapeutic properties. Aloe vera fortified probiotic yoghurt was characterized in terms of physico-chemical, textural and sensory properties. Textural properties of the Aloe vera fortified yoghurt were better as compared to the skim milk yoghurt in terms of consistency and syneresis and the sensory attributes (especially taste, appearance, texture) of the final product indicated that the product can be acceptable to consumers.

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