A Novel Dynamic Analysis of Mental Status Linked to Biogenic Amines and Psychopathology

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A novel form of dynamic analysis of mental status is postulated based on the theoretical concept that human behavior possesses a dual nature, comparable to waves and particles. Just as with quantum physics, both must be taken into account to obtain an accurate description. Human biological rhythms are governed by wave-based forms, including 28-day, 25-hour and ultradian (90-minute) periods. This study describes the elements involved in behavioral cycles in relation to biogenic amines. Koestler's concept of the “holon,” meaning both whole and part, is employed here to depict the components of individual or group personalities. The individual or “particle” in this formation can be viewed as composed of several more elementary cognitive particles which represent the independence, integration, cooperation, and competition with a person's social world. The novel method proposed here could provide a new means of describing human behavior and classifying mental disorders in a dynamic context.

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