P298Potent long-term cardioprotective effects of single low dose insulin-like growth factor-1 (LD-IGF-1) treatment post myocardial infarction

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Would low dose IGF-1 (LD-IGF-1) delivered early after acute MI have pro-survival effects manifesting in long-term structural and functional improvement post MI treatment?

Methods and Results

44 pigs underwent intracoronary administration of LD-IGF-1 or saline two hours after acute LAD occlusion MI. In the area of infarction, IGF-1 receptor and signaling responses were activated at 30 minutes, and cardiomyocyte cell death was attenuated at 24 hours, post-LD-IGF-1, but not saline, treatment. Hemodynamic and structural studies using PV loop, CT and TTC analysis 2 months after MI confirmed marked reduction in infarct size, attenuation of wall thinning and augmentation of wall motion in the LD-IGF1 but not saline treated animals, and was associated with global reductions in LV volumes and significant improvement in LV systolic and diastolic function.


One-time LD-IGF-1 effects potent acute myocardial salvage in a preclinical model of LAD occlusive MI extending to long-term benefits in myocardial infarct size, wall structure and function, underscoring its potential as an adjunctive therapeutic agent.

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