P430Electrical-morphological heart instability-aspects of clinical cosmobiology

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Background and Methods

Timing and distribution of cardiovascular events are connected with physical environment. Three environmental forces Solar (SA), Geomagnetic (GMA) and Cosmic Ray (Neutron) (CRA) are interrelated: SA and GMA are correlated at r=0.5, p < 0.0001; SA to CRA -0.85, p < 0.0001; GMA to CRA r=-0.66, p < 0.0001 in the last 240 months,; SA and GMA are a shield of our planet against CRA (Neutron) action.

Background and Methods

The AIM of this study: a review of a number of studies of Acute Cardiac Events links with the mentioned physical factors (1980-2011).


In studies on AMI, since 1970, confirmed by PM examination (n - 1400 ) and SCD (n-480, Israel, 848, Lithuania, 788, Azerbaijan, ); VPC, APC number hourly (Holter data, 211 pts., 364 days)) , PAF (n- 653 pts ), VT,VF —by ICD discharges for these arrhythmias ( n- 85pts., 580 discharges, 284 days,1995-2005) it was shown that SCD and cardiac arrhythmia are inverse related to Geomagnetic activity (GMA) I-IV daily level and significantly correlated with Cosmic Ray (Neutron) (CRA) activity, (p < 0.0001), serving a basis for presumed links between high Neutron Activity (imp/min) and electrical heart instability. Results were more significant in Ischemic Cardiomyopathy, repeated AMI, Myocardial ruptures and primary VF,VT. Contrary at the day of a severe GMA storm —"Bastille Day Event" (07.14.2000) SCD declined drastically.


In separate studies related to Acute Myocardial Infarction-(AMI)-Atherothrombosis since 1970-1976 it was shown AMI (n-4919) links to extreme High (IV degree) GMA days (a rare natural phenomena 0%-6.5% days yearly, 99 days in 1990-2010,1.7% ) and inverse relation to daily GMA, in general (n-16683), significant links of all subtypes of AMI (n-3824) (Q —wave, non Q wave, STE, NSTE) with Neutron- CRA. The Culprit artery in AMI is predominant the LAD artery (30% more than RCA, n-904) at days of minimal (I degree ) GMA and high Neutron (CRA) activity days. At first two days following Zero GMA- high Neutron (CRA) activity days (n-36) (2000-2007) it was seen a 23.1% increase in AMI admission (n-8920) in comparison with the Zero day (p=0.01-0.008).These observations serve a basis for presumption of links between Neutron activity and Coronary Plaque rupture and/ or fissuring. Analogical data is collected for Stroke related deaths (n-104243, for years 1990-2009).


the accumulated in the last 30-40 years data can serve a background for assuming a significant role of Cosmophysical Activity in the pathogenesis and timing of Acute Cardiac Events related to electrical and morphological heart instability.

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