P478Lipid profile and morphological changes of rat aorta wall during atherogenic diet

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The purpose of the present research was the analysis of blood biochemical lipid profile and morphological changes in rat aorta wall against atherogenic diet.


The subjects were 32 rats (16 control and 16 experimental). Atherogenic diet (Cholesterol, 0,5 g/kg; Vit D2, 10000 IU/kg; Fat). Lipid assay, histological analysis of rat aorta.


Lipid profile parameters were significantly lower in blood of experimental rats as compared to control (P < 0,05), but AI (Atherogenic Index) increased significantly (P < 0,05). On the 15th day of experiment – the seats of expressed intima hyperplasia were observed in rat aortas, there was an abundance of thin, gentle connective-tissue fibres. After 6 months of experiment – occurrence of plaques of small size with well expressed cap, containing fat and directed in a vessel wall was traced along with intima hyperplasia.


At modelling of an atherosclerosis in rats despite considerable decrease of blood lipid profile parameters at early and late stages of experiment in comparison with the control, the increase of AI was observed, infringement of intima structure of aorta wall were marked on the 15th day of the diet, after 6 months lipid plaques were observed.

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