P497Changes in the genes vs lipids during differentiation of the human adipose tissue progenitor SVF cells

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The microarray and lipidomic analysis performed with the FW7 EU IP LIPIDOMICNET Group in Regensburg, allows the comparison of differentiation related changes of gene expression with the SVF/adipocyte lipidomic changes.


Progenitor stromal-vascular fraction (SVF) cells were isolated from human s.c. adipose tissue and incubated with non-toxic (30µM) concentration of FFA (PA, OA, AA, EPA complexed with albumin ) for 24 hours. After 15 days of differentiation, the microarray analysis (Agilent) identified 4754 significantly regulated genes encoding proteins involved in ER stress, lipid metabolism, lipid droplets formation, authophagy and vesicle trafficking. The lipidomics (MS/MS) identified changes in long chain FFA phospholipid, , sphingomielin/ceramide species. The gene expression and lipidomics correlation performed by the bioinformatic analysis (BioBase) pointed to the adiposome-mediated exchange of modulators of lipolysis necessary for adipocyte differentiation (Mueller 2011).

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