Novel techniques and targets in cardiovascular microRNA research

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MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are highly conserved, tiny (∼22 nucleotides) non-coding RNAs that have emerged as potent regulators of mRNA translation. miRNAs exhibit fine-tuning of the control of proteins involved in cell signalling (AE) pathways and in vital cellular and developmental processes. miRNAs are expressed in cardiovascular tissues, and multiple functional aspects of miRNAs underscore their key role in cardiovascular (patho)physiology. The development and increasing use of novel molecular biology tools have contributed to the recent success in miRNA research. In the present review, we discuss current updates on important and novel miRNA techniques, including: (i) miRNA screening tools; (ii) bioanalytical target prediction tools; (iii) target validation tools; and (iv) manipulative miRNA expression tools. We also present an update about recently identified miRNA targets that play a key role in cardiovascular development and disorders.

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