P207Incidence of hypertension amoung patients suffer from osteoarthritis

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Literature review regarding the link between osteoarthritis and increase risk of CVD with Clinical observation while doing POAC (preoperative assessment clinic) for orthopaedic patients.

It was very common to see many patients attending for surgery suffer from hypertension, Most of them only suffer from hypertension only without any obvious aetiology for it, could it be related to the pathology of OA? What are the possible mechanisms linked both diseases.

So the big question is:

Will Patients with osteoarthritis be at risk of having hypertension?

Introduction: There is increasing evidence to suggest a role for inflammation in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease. Low-grade chronic inflammation, demonstrated by persistent moderately elevated concentrations of C reactive protein (CRP) within the normal range, has been shown to be predictive of both myocardial infarction and ischemic stroke in prospective studies. The same phenomenon is observed whether individuals studied are apparently healthy (with or without classical cardiovascular risk factors) or have established vascular disease

Aim of the study: To determine the incidence of hypertension among people who suffer from osteoarthritis and attend the assessment clinic to have orthopaedic surgery and to identify osteoarthritis as a risk factor for hypertension and explain the possible mechanism that links both diseases.

It might help to

1- Identify the current treatment to control hypertension in those patients

2- Setting Rehab protocol for patients suffer from both diseases.

Study Methodology: It is a case note and cross sectional study for patients who attend the assessment clinic.

(All patients attending the preoperative assessment clinic over 3 years and suffer from hypertension and going for orthopaedic surgery will be in the study)

We look to patients attending preoperative assessment clinic for elective orthopaedic surgery because of chronic pain and osteoarthritis and hypertension

To determine the incidence of hypertension and compare the percentage of patients who have hypertension with definite causes and other patients with hypertension without definite cause but associated with OA

We aim to see all patients attending the assessment clinic and suffer from hypertension and osteoarthritis.

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