P327Role of gene IL10 polymorphism for annual prognosis in patients with acute coronary syndrome without ST elevation

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Objective: to investigate the association of polymorphic variants of G-1082A (rs3024491) and C-592A (rs1800872) gene IL10 with cardiovascular risk factors and annual prognosis in patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS) without ST elevation.

Material and methods. The hospital 178 patients with less than 48 hours after onset of symptoms due to unstable angina or non-Q myocardial infarction (MI) have been included. The presence of C-592A (rs1800872) and G-1082A (rs3024491) gene IL-10 polymorphisms had been investigated. After one year of observation, unfavorable outcome was reported in 22.5% patients.

Results. Polymorphism rs1800872 (C-592A) gene IL-10 genotype SS and SA significantly more often than the AA genotype carriers had a history of old MI (p=0.01). It was shown a trend toward association of CC genotype with type 2 DM. CC genotype carriers had type 2 diabetes in 25.0% of cases, the CA genotype carriers - in 18.6% of cases (p=0.07). Analysis of allelic frequencies showed that in patients without type 2 DM frequency of allele A was 29.6%, whereas for type 2 DM patients it was found 17,1% (p=0,03). Besides CC genotype carriers were significantly more frequently had creatinine clearance less than AA 60 ml/min compared with genotype CA (26.0% and 12.9%, respectively, p=0,01) and for patients with AA homozygotes has not been shown any renal impairment. The frequency of allele C was 87.1% for patients with reduced creatinine clearance less than 60 ml/min and 69.7% (p=0.003) in patients without reduction. For IL10 rs3024491 polymorphism revealed significant association with AA genotype decline in kidney function. When exploring the relationship of polymorphisms rs1800872 (C-592A) and rs3024491 IL-10 gene at a concentration of cytokines in the blood it was revealed that the AA genotype carriers rs1800872 polymorphism characterized by a high level of IL-10 compared to the SA and SS genotypes (p=0.04). When analyzing the association between polymorphisms and close and long-term prognosis there where no evidences on the polymorphism rs1800872 (C-592A) IL-10 gene obtained. Polymorphism rs3024491 (G-1082A) IL-10 gene in AC genotype patients associated with increasing of endpoint in 12 months follow-up than the same for SS and AA genotypes.

Conclusions : CC genotype polymorphism rs1800872 (C-592A) IL-10 gene is associated with: old MI, type 2 DM, renal dysfunction, whereas AA genotype polymorphism rs3024491 (G-1082A) is associated only with reduced renal function. CA genotype polymorphism rs3024491 (G-1082A) IL-10 gene is associated with poor one year prognosis in patients with ACS without ST elevation.

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