P416The correctiom of the ischemia-reperfusion brain injury by bioregulatory complex

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The purpose was to study the dynamics of the change of the respiratory function of mythochondrias, in conditions of the brain ischemia-reperfusion (BIR) and introduction of bioregulatory complex (dihydroquercetin, 60 mg/kg, thiamine, 25 mg/kg, acetylcysteine, 100mg/kg, sodium succinate,100mg/kg). In studies respiratory functions of mythochondrias (V1 - velocity of endogenous respiration, V2 - velocity of substrate-dependent respiration, V3­ - velocity of the respiration afterc ADP introduction, V4 - respiratory velocity after loss of ADP, koefficient of acceptor control, V3/V2, koefficient of respiratory control (V3/V4), koefficient of phosphorilation (ADP/O) were studied. It was installed that introduction of of bioregulatory complex renders the corrective action on the respiratory functions of mythochondrias, caused by brain ischemia-reperfusion.

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