Cloning, in vitro expression and bioactivity of goose interferon-α

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The cDNA of goose interferon-α (goIFN-α) was amplified from PHA stimulated PBMCs of goose by RT-PCR. The cDNA encodes a 30-amino acid signal peptide and a 161-amino acid mature protein, respectively. Recombinant mature goIFN-α (rgoIFN-α) expressed by prokaryotic and eukaryotic system possessed antiviral activity that was neutralized by rabbit anti-rgoIFN-α antibody in vitro. On the other hand, rgoIFN-α lacks intrinsic macrophage activating factor (MAF) activity, peripheral blood leukocyte-derived macrophages (PBLMs) could not produce nitric oxide (NO) by stimulate with rgoIFN-α as compared to stimulate with recombinant mature goIFN-γ (rgoIFN-γ) that was a powerful NO stimulant in vitro.

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