Effect of resistant and digestible rice starches on human cytokine and lactate metabolic networks in serum

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Resistant starch generated after treating ordinary starch is of great significance to human health in the countries with overnutrition. However, its functional evaluation in the human body has been rarely reported. By determining the lactate metabolic flux, 12 serum enzymes expression level and 38 serum cytokines in healthy volunteers, the variation in cytokine network and lactate metabolic network in serum were investigated to compare the mechanism of the physiological effects between the two starches. The results indicated that compared with digestible starch, resistant starch had anti-inflammatory effects, increased anabolism, and decreased catabolism. Further, the intercellular communication networks including cytokine and lactate metabolic networks were mapped out. The relationship suggested that resistant starch might affect and control the secretion of cytokines to regulate lactate metabolic network in the body, promoting the development of immunometabolism.

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