Evaluation of the Paris System in atypical urinary cytology

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Our aim was to evaluate the Paris System for reporting urinary cytology, especially in the field of atypia.


During the last year, 104 urinary cases had atypical cytology. These cases were reviewed and reclassified by three cytopathologists using the Paris criteria. Cyto-histological correlation was performed in 47 cases. Additionally, all cytology diagnoses were correlated with double immunocytochemistry for p53 and CK20 result. Interobserver consistency was also evaluated.


Out of 104 atypical cases, 30 were classified as benign, 49 atypical and 25 suspicious for high-grade urothelial carcinoma (HGUC). Diagnostic consistency between the three observers reached 93.27%. Using the new criteria, only 47.1% of the cases remained in the atypical category. The rate of HGUC histology was 14.3%, 26.7% and 96% in the benign, atypical and suspicious for HGUC cytological categories, respectively. Immunocytochemistry positivity was observed in 25.9%, 41.8% and 80% of the cases in the three diagnostic groups.


The Paris System for reporting urinary cytology provides clear, easy to adopt criteria, which lead to diagnostic categories with clinical significance, facilitating patient management decisions.

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