Effects of polyamines on proliferation and IgM productivity of human–human hybridoma, HB4C5 cells

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Immunoglobulin production stimulating activity of polyamines was investigated. Spermidine, thermine and triethylenetetraamine (TETA) stimulated IgM production of human–human hybridoma, HB4C5 cells under serum-free condition. IgM production of HB4C5 cells was accelerated 5.9-, 5.3-, and 3.7-fold by spermidine at 4.5 mM, thermine at 2 mM and TETA at 2.5 mM, respectively. However, putrescine did not enhance IgM production. Spermidine enhanced IgM productivity of the hybridoma cells in spite of its growth suppression activity. TETA also inhibited cell proliferation and the effect on the acceleration of IgM productivity disappeared during 5 days because of its cytotoxicity. On the other hand, thermine facilitated IgM productivity of the hybridoma cells without growth suppression. The laser confocal microscopic analysis revealed that IgM content inside HB4C5 cells was increased by thermine. This result suggests that thermine facilitates IgM synthesis in hybridoma cells.

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