Examples of bifurcationof periodic solutions to variational inequalities in ℝκ
On some commutativity theorems for finite rings and finite groups
Some remarks on the product of two C α-compact subsets
Remark to transformations of linear differential and functional-differential equations
On global transformations of functional-differential equations of the first order
On some non-obvious connections between graphs and unary partial algebras
Inequalities involving independence domination, f-domination, connected and total f-domination numbers
On uniform distribution of sequences (anx)1 ∞
Pták Homomorphism Theorem Revisited
Oscillation of certain difference equations
Orthomodular lattices with state-separated noncompatible pairs
Almost Butler groups
Random fixed point theorems for a certain class of mappings in banach spaces
Simple zeropotent paramedial groupoids are balanced
Strong topologies on vector-valued function spaces
Relative polars in ordered sets
Lateral completion of a projectable lattice ordered group
Professor Vlastimil Pták Died