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Cleaved in air a-b surface of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 (BSCCO-2212) was measured by means of STM and STS at 4.2 K in liquid hellium bath. From fitting experimental conductivity curves by Dynes' function two superconductivity parameters Δ (gap value) and Γ (smearing parameter) were obtained. The shape of gap structure superimposed on dI/dV characteristics depends on tip-sample distance, what is expressed by the increase of Δ and decrease of Γ with shortening of s. The phenomenon of becoming gap structure more distinct when approaching the tunneling tip to the surface is explained by us as the non-vacuum tunneling, where the surface contamination layer on non-metallic BiO top-surface layer strongly influences the tunneling process. Only for s short enough tunneling electrons penetrate to deeper situated CuO layers and reflect their superconducting behaviour. Non-vacuum STM images are therefore sensitive to the tip-sample distance adjustment. The dependence of gap parameters on lateral position of the tip above the sample can also occur. In such cases STS enables to state which elements of the image belong to the topography of the surface and which to its electron density of states.

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