Is it possible to study the wave function of 2S vector mesons at HERA?*)

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We present a short review of anomalous properties in diffractive photo- and electroproduction of radially excited V′(2S) vector mesons. Using the color dipole generalized Balitsky-Fadin-Kuraev-Lipatov phenomenology we analyze anomalous Q2 and energy dependence of the production cross section, V′(2S)/V(1S) production ratio, the diffraction slope and anomalous t-behavior of the differential cross section dσ/dt. The origin of these anomalies is based on the interplay of the nodal structure of V′(2S) radial wave function with the energy and dipole size dependence of the dipole cross section and the diffraction slope. We analyze how a different pattern of anomalous behavior of V′(2S) production leads to a different position of the node in the wave function and discuss how that node position can be extracted from the data at HERA.

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